Token Generation Event — New timeline & Updates

5 min readJul 8, 2022


Pushing back and moving forward

2022 has been an interesting year thus far, both for AngelBlock and the wider Web 3.0 community. We have all had our emotions tested, our will strained, and our visions questioned. One thing remains firm. That is the unity we bring within this space. This is a testament to our community and their enthusiasm, wittiness, and comradery shown over the past few months. Our community is at the core of what we do and means everything to us, so it has always been our goal to remain as transparent and informative as possible. Some of the other updates have included developments and innovations currently worked on, but our timeline and roadmap has not been discussed for some time, and this update will shed some light on various possibilities and scenarios we have considered moving forward for a more comprehensive product at launch. We believe this will give the project the best possible chance for long-term growth and sustainability.

A new timeline

As most of the community knows, the date for our Token Generation Event was originally planned for the end of Q2 of 2022. Ultimately, we have decided to push out the event by a quarter in order to pursue some exciting opportunities, as well as allow time for development and integration into the platform should these opportunities be warranted and make sense for the project.

Widening our net

There are a bulk of opportunities that we will be pursuing, which involves broadening our network and partner base, collaborations, business development, as well as further developments and project expansion. Our team is expanding constantly, with the new members of our c-suite team (COO and CFO) having hit the ground running since June, which has allowed AngelBlock to be in a very strong strategic position going forward. Bringing on new members has also brought about multiple networking opportunities that have been put in motion as we speak. The AngelBlock team has been present at multiple networking and advisor events, and having our TGE later on, will allow for more Investor and Partner interaction. We aim to fundraise and interact with the right companies (investors, or startups) that share the same vision and drive for success. Our platform aims to forecast the next 24 months of operations and the necessary due diligence will be conducted in this time as well. Our development team is also expanding and bringing revolutionary ideas to the table that we believe will set us apart from our competitors.

We have also been in discussions with various accelerator programs and weighed up the benefits and options of being part of one of these programs. At the moment, we believe there is a possibility these programs can assist in increasing community/product awareness and broaden our scope, which in turn will put AngelBlock in a more commanding position come time to launch. Acceleration programs typically last between 12 and 16 weeks, and even the possibility of exploring such an option needs to allow for additional time.

Another key reason for pushing out the date had to do with the accrual of technical debt. We are currently free of any technical debt, which would not be the case if we persisted with a launch date of Q2. We believe it is better for AngelBlock, our community, and the token market, if our resources post TGE are focused on rolling out all planned features we have, rather than minimizing technical debt accumulated over a rushed launch.

A winning formula|

The launch of our NFT project has been a major success and has set us up for so many possibilities in the future. As some of our community know, the NFT project was originally planned to be a 3 week side-campaign but with each passing day the project took on a life of its own and eventually turned into a 10 month independent project. We had to adjust and strategize to leverage these ideas, which have since become a major part of the AngelBlock ecosystem and will allow the team to expand the utility of the platform in the future. Our efforts were pooled and honed in before launch in order to deliver the best and most efficiently available product to our community. We believe this approach for the AngelBlock platform launch and TGE will be the most practical and responsible approach to do right by our community and other stakeholders.

Our main objective

We want to assure investors that our vision and objective to produce a world-class product is paramount. We want to explore additional avenues of product development to produce the most comprehensive product upon launch, with the facilities to continuously build and upgrade. Strategically having this time for decision-making will allow for a clearer project forecast and more comprehensive options to pursue sustainability. We also do not want to put our project in a position that expedites our development to the point of us accruing unnecessary technical debt during platform launch and TGE. Our main objective here is to focus on additional feature implementation and have the correct foundation to do so for seamless integration and timely delivery of roadmap expectations.

A tribute to our community

AngelBlock is in a fortunate position where we have a strong, forward-thinking community. Our investors are loyal and look beyond the noise to see the bigger picture. Current market sentiment has given us the opportunity to not rush into anything and allowed us time to strategize, analyze and finalize the future prospects of AngelBlock as a whole. Although we realize everyone is ready and excited for TGE, we are playing the long game, and it is our prerogative to do right by our stakeholders to provide them with a platform they can trust and be proud to be a part of. This is our promise to you, and we pledge to deliver on that promise by pursuing all available opportunities that present themselves. Our new whitepaper will be released in the coming weeks, with all new developments and an updated roadmap. We thank you for your support. This is just the beginning.




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