March Roundup: Protocol Development, Script Network 1st token claim & more.

4 min readApr 18, 2024

March has been a crucial month in the development of our protocol, with several improvements being finalized. Importantly, the first cross-chain claim was successfully executed, serving as the proof of concept for our cross-chain functionality.

Looking ahead, the entire team is focused on securing more project fundraising and ramping up our marketing efforts. But, before that, let’s take a look at what happened in March.

Project Updates: Script Network’s 1st Token claim

After a minor delay from the initial date set for the 1st claim, Script Network investors were able to claim their first portion of $SCPT tokens. Based on the user feedback we received during the claiming process, everything went smoothly without any problems or hiccups. Our investors successfully claimed their tokens on the Binance Chain.

What’s next for Script Network investors?

  • Next token claim: 20 April 2024
  • Next Milestone Vote: 19 May 2024

Product & Development Updates

March marked a significant milestone for AngelBlock, as we delivered, tested, and released core functionalities, unlocking some of AngelBlock’s core values.

Aleph Zero Bridge

The A0 bridge audit is now complete, with a positive review from auditors. This gives us the technical capability to host A0 startup fundraisings. DRKVRS we are looking at you. 👀 Jokes aside, we’re in the process of expanding our deal flow and trying to close deals with the most promising startups.

Startup Token Claiming The first token-claiming event took place via the AngelBlock platform. Script investors were able to claim 12.92% of their SCPT token allocation. This claim event occurred on the BSC network, demonstrating that AngelBlock is fully cross-chain capable.

Homepage Improvements In our ongoing effort to improve user experience, we’ve redesigned our landing page. The new layout reflects the dynamic development of the protocol, allowing users to instantly access the most up-to-date news, as well as information about ongoing and upcoming fundraisings.

Business Development Updates

As we shared during our February update, our business development team has been relentlessly pursuing opportunities to welcome more startups to AngelBlock for their token sales, focusing on both inbound and outbound leads.

As our CFO, Leith Shankland shared in our Telegram chat:

“Our main priority is getting as many seed and private rounds as possible, Especially after the initial success with The Script Network we think it’s a great avenue. We also have some other things on the platform we are working on you guys will like. Something unique.”

In addition to all the updates on startups we have already shared during the last two months, we would recommend taking a look at our last video AMA with Alex (CEO & Founder) and Martin Stepniak (CPO). They discussed the most concerning topics that appeared within our Community throughout March.


Staking Metrics Update

THOL Staking

  • Total staked: 50,967,544 $THOL
  • Stakers: 715
  • NFTs staked: 1115 (Current market value per NFT: 1,018.08 $THOL
  • THOL staking rewards pool: 21,680,033 $THOL

You can stake here:

Aleph Zero Validator Node Update:2 .62M AZERO Staked

With 2.63M AZERO staked, our validator node has achieved a commendable 99,939% uptime. The slight shortfall from 100% uptime has been addressed, with ISP issues identified and solutions implemented to restore full uptime.

Marketing & Community

AngelBlock Ambassadors

We’d like to say thank you to all our brand Ambassadors, who are working daily with passion to present our protocol to the broader audience and deliver the freshest updates from our ecosystem to the masses. Together with our Moderators, Jerry, and Serhat, you are incredibly helpful and always keen to support our community members with any questions and concerns.

Big kudos to our amazing Ambassadors:

For any other updates and articles, we encourage you to check our AngelBlog.

Moving Forward

As we advance, our focus will be on reinforcing our platform’s functionality, expanding our ecosystem, and deepening our community’s engagement. We are committed to navigating the years ahead by continuously adapting our strategies to foster growth and innovation.




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