The work continues…
The next phase of the AngelBlock roadmap is fully underway. Throughout the successful launch of the first batch of our unique NFTs, the team has been hard at work behind the scenes finalizing material aspects of research and development, as well as pursuing other avenues of business development to facilitate sustainable and reliable growth upon the launch of the platform. Among the hiring of new team members, pursuing new business opportunities, and hosting networking events, we have re-visited some of the fundamentals of version one of the white paper in order to pivot to a more optimal model given the current macro environment.

Building in a bear market is nothing new for us and none of our mid and long term plans have changed. We remain steady in our mission of making fundraising more decentralized, transparent, and crypto native.

Holy Guacamole! With a side of salsa
Being one of the most important aspects of facilitating growth, re-engineering our initial tokenomics model was essential for further decentralization and fair distribution of the $THOL token, to better serve the wider community. We believe these changes will allow for more opportunity and incentivization for the foreseeable future, whilst still harboring the initial utility and benefits of the underlying tokenomics model. All fundamental updates of tokenomics will be published in V2 of the white paper, however below are the highlighted changes to the various segments of the $THOL structure:

  • Max token supply has been reduced from 670m to 480m
  • Initial token supply at TGE has been reduced from 100m to 67m $THOL
  • Initial market cap at TGE has changed from $8m to $5.3m
  • Fully Diluted Value at TGE has reduced from $53.6m to $38.4m
  • Private sale allocation (Phase 2) has been reduced from 18% to 15%
  • Community sale allocation has been increased from 5% to 8%
  • Treasury has been increased from 30% to 32%
  • Team token allocation has been reduced from 16% to 15%
  • Advisory and partner allocations have been reduced from 11% to 3%
  • Additional allocation for staking and a few surprises

Vesting, Community, and other spicy ingredients
The democratization of fundraising is and will always be our goal. Having tokenomics that facilitate additional decentralization from TGE is of utmost importance to the longevity of the project. The community has grown exponentially over the past few months, and we believe they should have a louder voice in AngelBlock’s governance. Reducing advisory and partner allocations, allowing for peace of mind for holders, knowing the few will not “dump” on the many and distributing the tokens as fairly as possible. We have maintained a long vesting period for all seed and private sale investors (team token vesting remains the longest) to counteract token dilution and allow the market to synergize with the AngelBlock ecosystem. Increasing treasury will allow for further collaborations and business opportunities and additionally create more security for the platform. Community token holders, having a larger voice, will vote on proposals with regards to usage of treasury and further democratize the platform.

Fully loaded $THOL, benefits for all
One of the most important changes to tokenomics is the distinct allocation for staking benefits for the platform. Not only are the benefits of staking are multidimensional; regulating the market conditions of the token, enhancing security of the platform and furthering loyalty tiers for stakers to enjoy the benefits of providing fundraising for the next revolutionary project, but this allocation also provides the opportunity to earn passive income along with all the benefits mentioned above. Long time supporters and holders will be handsomely rewarded for locking up tokens for the foreseeable future, incentivizing a synergistic long term vision between the project and the holder.

Back for more…
The team is well on the way to creating our revolutionary platform, and we believe these changes to our tokenomics model will truly sustain the project for years to come. Our goal is to harmoniously facilitate startup and community growth with congruent ideologies and transparency. We will be providing regular updates on our progress with regards to our new roadmap and look forward to an exciting rest of 2022. We continue to build and innovate, and vow to provide the best possible product for our stakeholders in the near future.

We will always continue to adapt and better ourselves and AngelBlock. Doing right by the community is something of utmost importance in every decision that we make. We thank you for being with us, rocking your AngelBlock NFT PFPs, and supporting us in any and all ways as we continue building despite these uneasy markets.



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