Holy Guacamole! So what the hell is Angelblock?

AngelBlock is a DeFi protocol aimed at solving the issues of fundraising for digital assets and making the process crypto native. We’re finalizing our protocol-based platform that will connect investors with noteworthy startups, focusing on early-stage investments. Projects will get a chance to get funding and support from knowledgeable, experienced professionals, better engage communities, and be rewarded for their involvement all this, on-chain.

An integral approach to fundraising
There were many reasons for creating Angelblock, and we’ll certainly expand on them in the near future. The most important, however, is that we saw a glaring need to address the friction points for fundraising in crypto. Holdings post-raise are not well decentralized, there’s a lack of transparency, investor protection, not enough emphasis on keeping startups accountable for their milestones, and the obvious problem of VCs dumping on retail even though both parties took part in the same round.

In short, we want to generate as much value for investors, startups, and their communities within the digital assets ecosystem.

Our team is crypto-native. We’ve been around the block once or twice, and know what it’s like to build even in bear markets, and we have the advisory board to get us to the next level (you can check them out here: WP).

More than a “launchpad”
All these “launchpads” and “starters” have perhaps 20% of our entire platform functionality (and tend to come and go based on market cycles). A better descriptor would be to call us Defi protocol set on solving issues of fundraising in crypto.

As AngelBlock, we encourage startups to provide ongoing updates on the startup’s progress, use of funds, milestones, etc., long after the fundraise is over. Not to control the venture, but to increase transparency between investors, startups, and community members, as well as, safeguard investor capital in a space that’s prone to rugs.

With every bull cycle seeing a spontaneous popping-up of various “launchpads” and “starters” that are predominantly centralized token distribution platforms, we really wanted to approach the issue of crypto fundraising from a different angle.
What is significant here is a full-cycle resistant business model that not only focuses on token sales but equity as well. Since day 1, we have been planning this as the main functionality on AngelBlock. Tokens and coins are fun, unless you’re in a bear market — that’s where we believe equity comes more into play and it’s something we want to be ready for, despite the fact we believe in this market long-term. Being able to raise via equity or equity + tokens — a hybrid round — is a huge differentiating factor between Angelblock and other platforms.

Democratizing Fundraising for the Blockchain Space
While giving investors access to exclusive deals yielding high returns and saving time, we want to shape the future of crypto by making the lives of founders and entrepreneurs easier, while protecting investor capital and driving more transparency and benefits to community members of these particular startups.

Wen launch?
We’ve been building all throughout 2021, so we plan for this year to be when we start to deliver. We’re planning our AngelBlock NFT launch for May 4th (May the fourth be with you, young padawans), 2022, barring any unexpected events. We’ve planned the launch of v1.0 of the AngelBlock protocol and platform for June 2022, followed by the $THOL Token Generation Event on June 30th. We really hope you stick it out with us for the long-term. There’s a lot of exciting things around the corner and we want you guys there with us all the way.

Holy Guacamole! And the best is yet to come.

Do you need more detailed information? We recommend you to read the WP available on the official website angelblock.io. Also, check out our social channels and subscribe to our Medium, sers.




Protocol based fundraising platform built on #ETH. Empowering Web 3.0 & #DeFi founders. Home of $THOL & AngelBlock NFTs

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Protocol based fundraising platform built on #ETH. Empowering Web 3.0 & #DeFi founders. Home of $THOL & AngelBlock NFTs