Do you want to be an AngelBlock Ambassador? Our team is growing!



After the relaunch of our ambassador program we have been able to establish an awesome team of AngelBlock advocates that have been helping and supporting us for quite some time now. Their support has been crucial to us and they have stood by our side since last year and some even more.

We are now entering a different market, and we are ramping up new project launches and protocol updates and it’s the right time to on-board more people interested in the role that will help spread the word about AngelBlock.

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador read below what the title entails. 🙂

Who Is an AngelBlock Ambassador?

AngelBlock Ambassadors are devoted community members who:

  • Are intimately familiar with and passionate about our product
  • Have invested their time and resources in AngelBlock
  • Conduct themselves professionally and trust our company implicitly
  • Are eager to help AngelBlock grow and make a meaningful impact

What Does an AngelBlock Ambassador Do?

As an AngelBlock Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Engage in regular activity on platforms of your choice, such as Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, Reddit, and LinkedIn
  • Share protocol updates and conduct due diligence on upcoming startups
  • Share your feedback on updates, new releases, and provide suggestions for product enhancement
  • Drive community engagement by hosting giveaways and contests with provided NFTs and THOL tokens
  • Host virtual or physical events about DeFi or AngelBlock related topics
  • Act as a regional representative and host AMAs

Why Become an AngelBlock Ambassador?

By becoming an AngelBlock Ambassador, you will gain:

  • Early access to updates, new features, and direct support from our team
  • Exclusive access to ambassador-only channels and opportunities to connect with other community members and our team
  • We appreciate the time and effort spent on promoting AngelBlock. Every ambassador will receive THOL tokens as rewards for their contribution
  • Special AngelBlock swag and invitations to conferences and team meet-ups

Most importantly, being an AngelBlock Ambassador isn’t just about the perks or rewards. It’s about making a meaningful contribution to a project you believe in. We’re looking for ambassadors who are passionate about AngelBlock and its mission, not just those looking for the next grind.

Ready to Join the Team?

If you’re passionate about DeFi, believe in what AngelBlock aims to accomplish, and are eager to help the project grow, we would love to have you on board. Apply today to become an AngelBlock Ambassador and join us in our mission to transform the crypto fundraising landscape.

Submit your AngelBlock Ambassador Program Application Here

Every ambassador, every action, every idea contributes towards AngelBlock’s growth. Be a part of our journey and help us shape the future of decentralized finance.

Written by: Nikos Fratzeskos




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