AngelBlock’s Q4 updates: Community Phase Sale & Startup Grant Program winners

4 min readNov 29, 2022

After the protocol’s launch (October 31st, 2022), on November 16th, we enabled Early Access to our native token Tholos ($THOL) for community members, which was intended to last for the next two weeks and closes on November 30th. We also announced three winning startups in the AngelBlock Startup Grant Program, who each receive 30K USDT, in addition to being listed on the platform for further on-chain fundraising.

We’re growing, bears are roaring

It’s been a crazy autumn for us all at AngelBlock. We are extremely proud that we could launch v.01 of the platform,, this October as well as launching the Community Phase Sale of Tholos ($THOL) for our community.
Contributors should keep in mind that Tholos Token in the Community Phase can be bought with $USDT only. Also, everyone who has been verified can take part immediately, with tickets ranging between 500–25,000 USD. All KYC’d users will also have ease of use once AngelBlock begins listing startups for their raises.

We also announced the winners of the AngelBlock Start Up Grant Program, who will receive 30K USDT each, as well as be listed on the platform for further fundraising.

These are:
Challenger Project which is aPlay & Earn Casual Esports Platform, voted 3rd BEST ESPORTS STARTUP in the WORLD. Challenger also gained 30k unique users in 2022.

Data Lake, who are creating a global Medical Data Donation system based on blockchain technology, as well as the world’s first Consent-to-Earn (C2E) platform that allows people to participate in the $100bn+ #medical data economy with just a few clicks.

Impact Finance, who are building sustainable digital economies around focused high-impact causes. They are currently building inTheory, a digital platform where users can discover and back scientific research projects by collecting generative artworks and other tokenized research assets.

There were over 50 startups who applied for the grant program. There are now currently a total of 5 stellar projects being onboarded for fundraising starting in Q1 of 2023, post the $THOL Token Generation Event.

However, recent market events have shown us that it is not worth rushing anything regarding the upcoming TGE. The AngelBlock team is making sure that we are going above and beyond to ensure the most effective and efficient UX at the token launch, as well as ensuring safety within our community, which is our top priority. Everything that has happened with FTX, which shook not only the market but also investor’s trust, has assured us that the issue the AngelBlock protocol is solving is even more profound, and achieving the objectives the team has set out to achieve is of paramount importance to the industry as a whole.

This is crypto. The name of the game is decentralization

Our protocol enables transparency and safety for each party engaged, both startups and investors. In 2021 alone, $2.8b were lost to rug pulls (as reported by Chainalysis). We are building tools that can impact all token-based fundraising, and change it for the better.

— Founders and crypto projects gain access to our on-chain vesting, cap table management, and token distribution tools, making the process safer, more transparent, and much more efficient.

The AngelBlock mission hasn’t changed since the day we started in 2020. We noticed how clunky crypto fundraising is with centralization issues, token distribution errors, and improper due diligence. Fundamentally, our aim was to build a fully decentralized protocol, with on-chain incentivized validators to conduct due diligence on startups, ensuring that the entire onboarding process is properly managed. In addition, incorporating milestone-based objectives governed by voting from investors post-raise, establishes guidelines for startups on the required deliverables to receive funding, as well as allow for additional security for investors from bad acting startups who raise with no intention of completing objectives or exit the project without repercussions. We believe these tools, in addition to the numerous other features on the platform, will allow for a fully sustainable model for the protocol.

— We build DeFi tools for Web3 Founders. We enable protocol -based fundraising, on-chain vesting, and token distribution.

Apart from democratizing fundraising in Web 3.0, AngelBlock’s major goal is to create a compliant industry standard for token-based raises going forward, that is geographically-agnostic, safer, and more transparent than what is currently available on the market.

We also look towards natively integrating the Aleph Zero blockchain into our protocol. This will allow for conducting native, non-custodial $AZERO based raises on our platform starting next year.

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AngelBlock DeFi, protocol-based fundraising platform at its core that is decentralized and non-custodial. The underlying smart contract infrastructure is built on Ethereum, with the short-term objective of building out on other EVM compatible protocols to facilitate a multi-chain world of fundraising for the next phase of growth in Web 3.0.

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